About This Document:

This is scale-down mobile version of original post Using Orkut From Mobile Devices at Devils Workshop.
If you are reading this from a personal computer (or similar device) please read original version meant for your device.


About Testing environment:

Everything in this article is tested on Nokia N-70, Opera Mini 3.x & Opera Mobile 8.x


Login Issue First:

If you can not see login box after going to Orkut.com please go to o.devilsworkshop.org which is configured to redirect you to the Orkut login box!

[Note: At any point your personal information is not transferred to Devils Workshop]

At this point we assume you are logged into Orkut!


Now there are two different methods for Opera Mini & Opera Mobile!


Opera Mobile Method:

Opera Mobile is not a free software so buy it or crack it, its your choice.

Now if you have Opera Mobile then use following trick which works for every Orkut feature! This method does not require any coding efforts!

  1. Go to Options >> Navigation >> Find in page
  2. Put name of button means ’post scrap’, ‘delete’, 'accept', 'confirm', ‘yes’, ‘no’, etc… in text to be found.
  3. The moment text on button starts highlighting exit from Find wizard pressing Stop option.
  4. Or if there are multiple buttons with same name (e.g. 'delete') press Find Next to reach desired button
  5. Once you are at desired location (and it is highlighted) press OK (or joystick center) to click the button.

Now clicking on that button works! This may sound bit harder but once you practice it you will love this!

Extra tip: Assign a shortcut key to “Find in Page” option by going to “Option >> Settings”



Opera Mini Methods:

These methods provides javascript codes which you need to store as a bookmark. One such bookmark will take care of one orkut feature normally.

So do not waste your time in bookmarking codes you know you will never need.


  1. Copy code(s) in following text-box(es) to say notepad, clipboard or wherever you like.
  2. Go to Menu >> Tools >> Add Bookmark in Opera Mini.
  3. Put something meaningful title like Orkut - Sumbit Scrap
  4. Paste code copied above in Address field.
  5. Press Save.
You may need to manually write code in step 4 if your mobile does not support copy-paste feature!


  1. The real problem is with Orkut Buttons. Although some of these works in Opera Mini many useful button like Post Scrap does not function well.
  2. So imagine these bookmarked code as buttons and whenever you need to click on a button rather go to bookmark (Menu >> Bookmarks or Use shortcut: #[plus]2) and click on bookmarked code for that button.


Now lets go for codes. First in list is code for Submitting scraps. Also explained how to bookmark and use this one. Other codes can be used similarly!

1. Submit Scrap in scrapbook

I guess bookmarking this code should not be an issue so lets move to its use.

  1. Go to any scrapbook. Write scrap in scrapbox like you usually write!
  2. You may see the moment you are done with writing scrap and press OK page starts to reload automatically. If this happens stop this automatic reloading by pressing stop option.
  3. Next Go to Bookmarks (Menu >> Bookmarks or Use shortcut: #[plus]2) and click on submit scrap bookmark the one you have just bookmarked!